Practice Areas

We understand that the long term viability of a company is largely tied to its ability to profit from its own ideas. To protect the rights to those ideas, or to acquire permission to bring them to fruition, often requires a full-range of skills and experience that most boutique IP firms lack. Embros IP is different. Our professionals have been deliberately chosen because of the diversity of their strengths within the realm of intellectual property law. We have organized the practice areas of our firm around providing a complete suite of intellectual property law services to meet the specific business needs of our clients. As a team, we complement our diverse techno-legal expertise with a shared dedication to outstanding client service, and the support infrastructure to deliver on that commitment. We collaborate to effectively provide a comprehensive strategy and complete package of services from sophisticated patent and trademark prosecution to precise agreement drafting to experienced litigation services and all the various IP related services that fall between. Most small firms cannot offer such a wide-ranging perspective, and larger firms typically fail to provide the personal level of service that we enjoy with our clients.

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