Patents are given for inventions that are new, involve an inventive step and are capable of industrial application. If you are in the business of innovation, then patents are a vital business tool. Patents help inventors and companies gain returns on the investment made in developing the technology. An organization’s innovative strength is considered to be directly proportional to its patenting activities. In this Invention/Innovation/Intellectual Property driven age, along with the number of patents, an organization is also assessed based on the quality of its patents. Since acquiring a patent is generally an expensive affair, it becomes all the more essential to take a strategic approach towards obtaining patent protection.

Our Patent Practice encompasses initial consultation for filing, pursuing patent protection, including IP valuation issues, novelty search, and opinions on patentability of an invention, validity and infringement analysis, patent watches, drafting, filing and handling of the prosecution of patent applications, including pre-grant and post grant proceedings and formalities, in all fields of technologies.

No matter which technical field you operate in, we have a technical specialist who can work with you to understand your invention in the context of your business, and advise you on the best strategy to suit your needs, whether that involves keeping competitors at bay, securing investment or pursuing licensing income. Embros IP’s patent services include:


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