Patent Translations

Embros IP provide translations from and into a wide range of languages, combining language proficiency and subject matter knowledge with an understanding of patent literature based on years of experience. Embros IP has the unique combination of technical and legal expertise that is required for accurate patent translations. In addition to our team of experienced native language patent translators, editors, and proofreaders, we have access to our in-house team of patent analysts, who provide additional assistance as subject matter experts when needed to help ensure technical accuracy and readability. This access to such extensive in-house technical expertise is unique to Embros IP in the translation space.

We will also work closely with you to develop a translation workflow to suit your requirements and ensure a high-quality result. Whenever possible, we also create client-specific translation glossaries and translation memories to promote consistency across projects.

Our most frequently requested languages for patent-related translations are Japanese and German, followed by Chinese, French, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian. However, we are currently providing translation services in over 50 language pairs and are confident we will be able to meet your needs, whatever your language requirements. We can provide competitive pricing for the translation of:

  • Patent applications
  • Prior art of any kind, including published patents, scientific and technical articles and more
  • Office actions, appeals/responses to opposition, licensing agreements, and documents for patent filings and litigation work

Patents aren’t the only legal documents that might require translations for multinational enterprises. For example, human resource contracts, prosecution documents, license applications, etc., are also translated into a myriad of languages to be sure all promises are understood between parties and/or to satisfy the legal requirements of the country in which you are doing business.


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