Patent Landscape Search

A Patent landscape search helps you make strategic decisions by providing a defined range of prior art relevant to your technical area of interest. Embros IP’s has a team of experienced search professionals who help you appropriately broaden or narrow the scope of the search based on your requirements. The results are thereafter filtered based on the requirements, and upon request, categorize references to assist you in reviewing the results. A landscape analysis will help you to gain an overview of a technology sector, your competitors or chronological developments in a field of technology. In addition, it can also help you to better evaluate the economic value of a patent portfolio. A landscape analysis will help you to identify the following:

  • The innovative focus of companies, industries and countries
  • Technologyrch
  • Technology leaders and their IP strategies
  • Technological positioning of companies and their chronological changes
  • Unique selling points of companies
  • Strengths and weaknesses of patent portfolios >


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