Our People

Embros IP is an assemblage of professionals who are thoroughly proficient in the various domains of Intellectual Property Rights. These professionals and people assisting the profession work in a synchronized manner to deliver the most cost and time efficient service to the clients. They enhance their expertise and experience by being seconded from time to time to work overseas in international law firms and in-house with our corporate clients.

The strength of Embros IP lies in its people. The professionals at Embros IP come from multi-disciplines that add a new dimension to the depth of expertise available. The firm is proud of the highly trained and proficient members that include the lawyers as well as specialized technical experts in engineering and various streams of science.

We keep abreast with legal developments internationally and strive to keep our clients contemporaneously informed of legal and regulatory developments relevant to them.

Our work ethics are of the highest standard and we proactively aim to work towards the right deliverable. Our integrity and high standards are our strength. We function as a well bound unit where we respect each other and our product reflects the joy we attain out of our work.

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