Innovation Scouting

Innovation scouting is a structured approach to identify the potential of converting an idea into a product. It can help to observe changes, potentials, and relevant knowhow on the technology markets, as well as technological developments and processes, and help to identify those in a structured way. In new product development, companies face the challenge of dealing with complex R&D activities and shortening product life cycles. Many organizations struggle with identifying innovative and game-changing opportunities for new partnerships, co-development initiatives, and acquisitions. As innovation is recognized as a critical component for future corporate growth, the industries are now proactively focusing on all sources of innovations (internal as well as external) for being competitive. External research collaborations and licensing of IPR offer attractive means for solving this challenge via a reduction of the technical uncertainty. Embros IP assists such industries in:

  • Scout the universe of technology developers and inventors, from start-ups to multinationals, for the most promising solutions that meet industry needs
  • Rank technology providers across a range of key metrics to uncover the highest potential partners
  • Identifying ideas and potential partners for acquiring inventions or intellectual property


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