Infringement / Non-Infringement Search

An Infringement or Non-Infringement Search identifies patents having claims that may read on a prospective product or service. Infringement analysis is conducted in order to determine whether a product or a process infringes upon an existing patent claim. In order to conduct an infringement analysis, firstly the scope of the claim should be determined and then it should be checked whether all elements of the claim are present in the product or process. Understanding claim construction and determining whether there is infringement risk is a complex process that often involves esoteric analysis.

Embros IP patent attorneys help you understand the various risks involved and to determine if you are legally able to sell a product you have developed. We will carefully evaluate the accuser’s patent and where possible, opine that your activities do not infringe that patent’s claims. If there is still a risk of infringement, we can advise you on how to minimize its impact, including the modification or redesign of your product or process.


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