Copyright is a bundle of rights granted exclusively to the creator of an original literary, artistic, dramatic work; cinematograph film or sound recording. This exclusivity rests with the creator, amongst other rights, the right to prevent others from reproducing, selling or licensing the work. Though copyright protection is gained automatically on creation of a piece of work, registration of the copyright offers several advantages in enforcing one’s copyrights. In today’s world of digitization and the growing importance of open source licensing, it is critical to view copyright protection and enforcement several avenues for generating revenue are available to creators and content owners. We can assist client with:

  • Copyright Filing, Prosecution and Registration
  • Copyright Enforcement
  • Policing and managing a Client's Copyright Portfolio
  • Copyright Clearance
  • Copyright Licensing and Transfers
  • Copyright Enforcement
  • Enforce and defend Copyright Infringements and Royalty Disputes
  • Online Risk Assessment
  • Content take down
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Litigation Management
  • Piracy Management
  • Content Monitoring
  • Copyright Audit and Compliance


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